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Accommodation prices offered on Corte Largo’s official site beat out every other reservation site on the internet for the best prices at the greatest value.

new We’ve Updated Corte Largo’s Reservation System!

Please place all bookings through our new system here.

Customers already registered through the old reservation system can log in with their existing ID (email address).

(Please note that passwords have been reset. The first login will require a verification code through ‘Forgotten Password’ or ‘Password Verification’. Please set a new password to use the system.)

(Although our hotel has a special agreement with JALCARD, please be advised that if paying online, customers will only receive regular mileage with no bonus miles.)




Cancellation Fees

Cancellation Fees

◆ No-shows with no notification will incur 100% of accommodation costs 
◆ Same-day cancellations: 80%
◆ 1-2 days prior: 50%
◆ 3-7 days prior: 30%
※(Please be aware that rescheduling will incur the above cancellation fees if done within two days prior. Additionally, the same will occur for rescheduling done earlier if a new reservation date has not been set.)

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