Public Spa


Over in the east wing is our public spa that is freshly prepared with amenities and is available 24 hours a day.
(There is a man and woman shift.)

Snooker Bar


Next to the restaurant is a spacious recreation room equipped with snooker, the original billiards game, and a cozy little bar.
After dinner, please spend a fun-filled evening playing a leisurely game while lounging with cocktails.


Surrounding facilities


①Administration Center
②Izu Granpal Amusement Park( 10 minutes on foot)
③25m Pool (open during summer season)*
④Tennis courts:4*
⑤Golf Course*
⑥Roller blade Course*

Public Use (entrance fee required)


■Futoto Coast( 10 minutes by car)
■ Akasawa Coast( 15 minutes by car)
■ Ito Orange Beach( 25 minutes by car)

Guest Rooms