Western style: Aroma · Lymph Drainage

What is Western style ......
It is an aesthetic which aimed at "comfort" by a method which was transmitted from France and the United Kingdom. Using 100% natural ingredient aroma oil extracted from flowers and herbs, all-hand treatment treats your skin, body, mind and leads to deep relaxation with a relaxed rhythm.

Liberate the whole body lymph nodes carefully to make it easier to drain waste products.

Detox action, swelling and cellulite, recommended for those with a lot of stress.

Aroma · lymph drainage which makes it easier to disassemble waste by gently loosening lymph nodes in Western style.
The fragrance of aroma leads to relaxation.
The function of the lymphatic system is related to various symptoms, lymph drainage (excretion of lymph) increases body immunity, has fatigue recovery, skin activation, swelling and detoxification effect.
In addition, aroma oil blended with 100% natural aroma substance [essential oil] 【aromatherapy】 While the scent of the plant heals the mind / body, it improves natural treatment power and creates a collapsed balance.
It is considered effective as preventive care so that mental and physical disorders do not develop. It is highly recommended for beauty and health, by encouraging nervous tiredness by relaxation.
<Simultaneous treatment for 2 persons at the 01, 23, 45 room is possible>

Body aroma oil can be selected from 4 types according to your physical condition

Ⅰ:Relax ... sedative effect / coldness / sleeping / aging / dry skin
Ⅱ:Refresh ... Mental and physical fatigue / Muscle fatigue / Migraine / Antiviral
Ⅲ: Detox ... swollen / shoulder stiffness / diuretic action / waste discharge
Ⅳ:Hormonal balance ... menopause / stress / menstrual imbalance / constipation

Relaxation · Full body 60 minutes ¥12,000 (Tax excluded)

While healing the mental and physical fatigue, metabolism promotion / fatigue recovery by whole body lymphatic massage

Detox · Full Body 90 min  ¥15,000 (Tax excluded)

The elaborate lymphatic massage relaxes the body that is hardened, the detoxification effect also increases.

Slimming full body 120 minutes ¥19,000 (Tax excluded)

It is also recommended for people who care about the body line and those who can not escape the daily fatigue feeling by carefully spreading the flow of the lymph of the whole body slowly, promoting circulation while promoting the cellulite swelling of an anxious part.

Refresh / Reflex 【Foot to back knee】 40 minutes ¥8,000 (Tax excluded)

A short-term course that improves the flow of blood circulation and lymph, and eliminates tiredness and swelling of the legs with moderate stimulation. Recommended for those who do not have time and men.

Slender / reflex 【whole leg】 60 minutes ¥12,000 (Tax excluded)

Leg feels dullness, metabolism is bad, waste products are easy to accumulate, cellulite causing swelling also increases. It is effective also for cellulite etc. from thighs to hips. It clears the whole leg and leads it to a slender legs leg.

Clear & rich 60 minutes ¥12,000 (Tax excluded)

【Cleansing ~ Massage ~ Pack ~ Moisturizing】 Carefully unravel the daily fatigue around your face, improve the flow of lymph, improve blood circulation and cellular activity. It enhances work from the inside of your skin. Taking old keratin, it leads to smooth and transparent skin.

Beauty charge 90 minutes ¥16,000 (Tax excluded)

【Cleansing ~ Massage ~ Pack ~ Collagen Pack ~ Moisturizing】 Relaxation heals the nerves, enhances the function of your skin and recovers your mental and physical fatigue. It penetrates plenty of beauty ingredient collagen on clear skin, and it is led to beauty with glossy and firm skin. It is also recommended for those who feel badly tired around your face, such as your neck, shoulder stiffness, asthenopia, migraine, your skin becomes lively.

Combination care 90 minutes ¥16,000 (Tax excluded)

Facial + half body (face, neck, decollete, shoulder, arm, head) 【Cleansing ~ Massage ~ Pack ~ Moisturizing】 ※ Half body can choose either Detox or Slender. Flow your lymph around your face and face firmly, to the skin with firmness. To the face line which rejuvenates your skin, prevents anti-aging and makes small face effect clean.

Half body detox healing 【Back / waist】 It is a course where the mind / body is healed and a synergistic effect of recovery from fatigue and beautiful skin is obtained.

Half-body slender healing 【Legs / hips】 Improve the lymphatic flow and blood circulation from the toes to the hips to restore fatigue and leg effect of the entire leg.

Personal care 120 minutes ¥20,000 (Tax excluded)

Facial + full body 【Cleansing ~ Massage ~ Pack ~ Collagen pack ~ Moisturizing】

Everyday fatigue and stress cause damage to the skin. Recover your face with a careful massage. The pack which removes dirt guides to the clear skin, and furthermore the beauty ingredient charge with pure collagen pack. I will finish it to a glossy and moist skin. While promoting the flow of the lymph in the whole body, loosen the stiff body, let the aroma oil go through your body and your body carefully from your skin and breathing. Make your skin and mind and body care a beauty charge.

Toyo style: Bali therapy treatment

What is Toyo style ......
It is a treatment that is transmitted from Bali and Taiwan, stimulating "meridians, acupoints".

Body oil blended with essential oil extracted from tropical region spices and fruits, balinese style fragrance therapy. It stimulates the whole body with a strong stimulus from the soles of the foot and unravels the stiffness.

It is recommended for those who want to improve stiffness, blood circulation promotion, muscle fatigue and refreshing.

Balinese health healing reminiscent of Oriental pathway acupuncture therapy.
Mix stimulus to "route" or "acupuncture" which is the passage of the whole body air, and aromatherapy by extracted aromatic oil from the plant. By Balinese Healing, which has been passed down from ancient times, it activates cells and relieves fatigue and stress. We prepared various courses combining six kinds of aroma oils according to physical condition, body, face and foot.
Healing tiredness while revitalizing the whole body to your room, we will deliver the fragrance of the tropical resort to the guest room.

You can choose from six types of body aroma oil according to your physical condition

Ⅰ:Mandala ... nerve fatigue / muscle pain
Ⅱ:Island ... insomnia / coldness
Ⅲ:Harmony ... Stress / mental settlement
Ⅳ:Slimming ... constipation / tonic
Ⅴ:Circulum ... swelling / diuretic action
Ⅵ:Healing ... mental fatigue / depression

Luxury Body 60 minutes ¥11,000 (Tax excluded)

Oil treatment to the whole body shapes the body function while promoting the absorption of plant ingredients, and a pleasant stimulation to the route acupuncture activates self-resilience.
In addition, invite you to a deep relaxation by aromatherapy (aroma therapy).
If you apply for 2 people, pair body 60 minutes ¥22,000→¥21,000 (Tax excluded)

Deep healing body 90 minutes ¥14,000 (Tax excluded)

A careful treatment to the whole body carefully relaxes the stiffness and distortion of the body and encourages the discharge of waste matter by a procedure that activates lymph flow.
Resetting mind and body with deep relaxation for beauty and healing.
If you apply for 2 people, pair body 90 minutes ¥28,000→¥27,000 (Tax excluded)

Traditional facial 45 min course ¥9,000 (Tax excluded)

Face care that enhances skin power
100% Pure Jojoba Oil, Soft Peeling, Vitamin Pack, Care Course of Face and Decollete by Serum, Experience a healing Hand Treatment while Removing Waste.

It is a skin activation course with deep cleansing and hand treatment.
Remove pore dirt that can not be cleaned with daily care, lymphatic active hand treatment using 100% pure jojoba oil enhances the original reproduction power of the skin.
"Whitening option" vitamin C care…¥1,000 (Tax excluded) Collagen pack…¥2,000 (Tax excluded)

Asian Hot Facial 60 min Course ¥11,000 (Tax excluded)

It removes not only aged horny with mill peeling, but also persistent metallic dirt, and leads it to skin without dullness.
Unexperienced skin care called "healing from face" carves relaxed healing rhythm on your skin. Relaxation facial & decollete care that leads swelling and leads to bare skin with transparent feeling.
If you apply for 2 people Pair facial 60 minutes ¥22,000→¥21,000 (Tax excluded)

Bali Reflexology 60 minutes course ¥10,000 (Tax excluded)

While stimulating moderately in the acupuncture points of the soles, it stimulates the activity of internal organs and blood flow.
It is recommended for people with constitution such as oil massage along the lymph stream up to the knee, digestive system weakness, cold feet and hands and feet are cold.
If you apply for 2 people, pair-refresh 60 minutes ¥20,000→¥19,500 (Tax excluded)

Oriental Facial & Body 100 min Course ¥16,000 (Tax excluded)

We will heal the whole body with unexperienced skin care facial & Bali healing body therapy of "heal from face" We deliver a paradise time with face care that leads swelling and bare skin with a sense of transparency, body care carving a relaxed rhythm I will.
If you apply for 2 people Pair Face & Body 100 minutes ¥32,000→¥31,000 (Tax excluded)

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